Tides of Shadow

Welcome to the Tides of Shadow campaign! This is an open game run at Wizard’s Asylum in Norman, Oklahoma. We play Thursdays starting at 7 PM. If you want to join, bring a character, get a ticket from the front counter, and hop in!

This game is extremely new player friendly! If you don’t know anything about D&D or you need help making a character or you are still learning the rules, then this is a great group to get started with!

If you want to make a character in advance, please check out the Character Creation Guide.

If you feel inclined, checkout the links in the sidebar:

Wiki – Here you can catch up on the lore of the world

Characters – Meet the other PCs and important NPCs

Maps – See the geography of the world of Tides of Shadow

Adventure Log – See in-character logs of the adventures from other characters’ perspectives.